Wireless & Broadcast Coverage

Since we own or manage all of the tower and rooftop locations in our network, there is no delay in the design and construction, equipment applications, zoning, or permitting processes. Our facilities are located on mountains, tall towers, and rooftops that expand your wireless and broadcast network coverage in key areas. Moreover, our towers have been constructed with maximum load-bearing and wind-resistance in mind.

You can also minimize your capital investment in multiple antennas and hardware and maximize your coverage with dedicated tower-top amplifiers. Many sites provide for master receive systems that enhance the performance of your communications.

In addition, our weatherproof shelters, with their air-conditioned environments, are built to guard the performance and reliability of your equipment. Not only that, our cooling system features multiple units with fail-over interfaces, remote air quality sensors, and controls, as well as on-site emergency generators

Hayes Peak Estrella Mountains Solar Array with Helipad

Uninterrupted Power

First of all, nearly every one of our sites has a backup generator.

Smith Peak Towers and Dishes

Telemetry & Climate Control

We also use real-time site monitoring and response, as well as redundant, alarmed HVAC.

Navajo Rice Tower Site

Site Management

Further, we consistently manage our premier communications towers year-round.  From Phoenix to rural areas to mountaintops, our sites stay under our control.

Devils Head Tower Sites. Just outside Flagstaff, AZ


In addition, since we have a robust portfolio of premier communications towers, we can meet your wireless connectivity needs.

Estrella Mountains, Hayes Peak Battery Room with Solar Panels

Video Surveillance & Access Control

Plus, we install alarm panels.  Our video surveillance is cloud based and state of the art.

Banner Baywood Rooftop with Dishes

24/7 Emergency Dispatch

Just in case, we have on-call personnel available for any emergency.

Our sites provide many security and backup systems to ensure that your equipment is always functioning. Many of our sites feature live facility video feeds, access controls, and real-time electrical utility status. In addition, we install event alerts and logs, as well as redundant hardware alarm systems at most sites. Due to our attentive management and maintenance, you can attend to your core business tasks instead of worrying about the reliability of your wireless or broadcast coverage.