New Pinal Building

Miko LLC poured the foundation and layed the block. Renco Roofing installed the metal roof. Red Desert will be installing the Electrical. And finally, Empire Southwest will be doing the startup on the temporary generator.

Smith Peak New Generator

Red Desert Electric came through once again. They installed this 100KW Generator on Smith Peak outside of Aguia, Arizona. Now we can sleep well at night knowing the generator can handle 3- 200AMP services. Empire Southwest did the start-up as usual. Thank you Empire & Red Desert Electric!!

Mount Lemmon New Generator Install

It was not easy but Red Desert Electric was able to get our new 100KW Generator installed in the middle of winter on top of Mount Lemmon. Empire Southwest did the start-up.

Mingus Generator Install

We added more customers to our load so we needed a larger Generator. Red Desert Electric wired everything all up and Empire did the Start up.
Eastern most Solar Superstructure for Estrella 2020 Solar Superstructure Reinforcement project

Estrella Solar Superstructure Reinforcement

Antenna Sites would like to thank Miko LLC and Air West for their support to get our Foundations upgraded at our Estrella site. Everything had to be slung up to the hill.  Miko’s guys worked hard to complete the job in just 2 days.
Pinal shelter has been all painted and new roof has been installed.

Pinal Raise Roof and Remodel Building

Together, with Mikko LLC and Renco Roofing, we were successful in raising and installing a new roof at our Pinal site. This was in response to the Moth problems we have experienced over the years. The building is all sealed up and bug free. This job took 5 days to complete.
Mt Lemmon building all painted and sealed up.

Lemmon Foam Roof

Antenna Sites once again called on Renco Roofing to help with sealing up our Mt. Lemmon site. They were nice enough to drive all the way down to Tucson. Then up the mountain.
Roof all sealed up by Renco Roofing. Side view.

Shaw Butte Seal Roof

Antenna Sites would like to thank Renco Roofing for their work at Shaw Butte.  First, they trucked all the way up the mountain. Then, they resealed both of our buildings. This was not an easy task, but they got it done.

Estrella Solar Upgrade

Antenna Sites is pleased to announce we installed 45 new 320-Watt solar panels at our Estrella site. The new solar panels replace panels installed in 1979.  We completed the job in 4 days with help from Airwest and Blue Sky Communications.
Lower building at the Estrella Site. This building houses 96, 2 Volt Cells bussed to 48VDC.

Estrella Battery Reconditioning Project

Terrell Battery in Phoenix helped with this project.  We were able to extend the life of our batteries using the computerized battery optimization system.  Once again, we brought up everything via helicopter.

Estrella New Generator

After years of using a 5 Kw generator, we have finally upgraded to a 15 Kw. This will run the site and charge our batteries with ease. We would like to thank Airwest for slinging it up the hill.
First of 2 New Split units installed.

White Tank 2018 AC Project

With the summers easily reaching 115 Degrees, we were in need of more cooling.  The site is full and the current AC’s are maxed out. Tolin Mechanical stepped up to the plate and delivered two split units. This brings us to four A/C’s.  Now we are keeping the equipment happy at a cool 77 degrees.